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Wireless direct printing

Print from your mobile device when you are not having neither access to wireless network nor having wireless router. Enjoy wireless direct feature of HP printer with secure connection.

Wireless network printing

Get yourself connected with same network as your printer is. Enjoy latest mobile printing technology and print whatever you want from tablets and smartphones as well.

HP wireless printer setup

Enjoy wireless printing with HP which is more simple and secure. Just setup a wireless hp printer connection and be ready to print in new way with new technologies.

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To connect wireless printer just g through following steps-

1. First of all you have to unpack your printer device.

  • 2. Kindly follow the setup instructions to remove packaging safely.
  • 3. Now put the plug in to the power cord. After that turn on the printer and now install print cartridges. After that you have to allow the printer to go through whatever its startup routine. It may include printing an alignment page.
  • 4. Here you would have to choose one of the connection methods which will be described below. If your printer supports the selected option and you have chosen an Ethernet (wired) connection then please connect it now and just skip to installing printer software.
  • When a person uses an Ethernet connection then the printer's wireless system will be disabled.

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    Enjoy latest technologies of HP printer with lots of advancements and benefits

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    A Big Time Saver

    Complete maximum task within minimum time slot with multiple benefits of connect HP wirless printers.

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    Remove all issues arising with add HP printer....boost your tasks with use of simple and secure new technologies of HP.